Day One – Full Time RV Living

I’ve been waiting to pick up my motor home. There were some problems with coordinating this endeavor, but the stars must be in alignment because I finally got word that everything is a go. Yay! So now I’m rushing around like a mad woman trying to throw a bag together for my granddaughter who will be accompanying me on this journey while waiting for my father to arrive to assist me in bringing this ship home since I haven’t mastered the art of driving two vehicles simultaneously. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I’m a grandma. She is two and lovely. Her name is LeiHannah, but I call her Possum. She has blond hair just like her momma with hazel eyes. Her momma has blue/green eyes. I don’t know where they get it. I have dark hair and dark eyes.

I at present have been staying with my daughter after recently returning to Michigan from three years of living in Arizona. Living and traveling in an RV has been a dream of mine for at least the last decade. It must be the Gypsy in me, not to mention the frugal minimalist. Living in someone else’s space isn’t doing it for me so I expedited my dream and made someday TODAY and financed what amounts to a school bus with plumbing. So goodbye to leases and rent and hello to short two minute showers while turning sideways. The plan is to stay in the motor home until I return to Arizona at some future date, as yet undetermined, but prior to next November when my husband will be released from prison. At which point we will wait out his parole and then become happy citizens of Anywhere, USA. For what reason you ask, is my husband in prison? Well, politely, but bluntly respectfully, that is just none of your business!

Back to the present…Out the door in a rush we go and with my hands helplessly full I watch Possum do a headfirst somersault off the deck. I drop everything and run to her. I pick her up, flip her over, dust her off and I can’t contain myself any longer. I let out a shriek and burst into tears. Now Possum who was previously calm and silent, blinks then also begins to wail like a foghorn. I know I’m not supposed to show my distress. My daughter tells me that LeiHannah will react to my reaction more than anything else. Sometimes my daughter will yell, “HaHa” and begin to laugh when LeiHannah gets a boo boo because to make fun encourages laughter. I’m unable to muster the same stoic calm that I once did as a mother. I’m grandma.

Once we have both exhausted our tears, I hug her, squeezing her more to reassure myself than her. I plant a kiss on the top of her head and begin wrestling with the car seat. I’m now in the driver’s seat. My father has arrived. He parks his Mustang and then gets in my van. He appraises Possum’s battle wounds as I explain. I wonder if this is an omen to future events. We pull out and I aim my van for Flint, Michigan.

The drive to Flint is uneventful. I will later recognize this to be the calm before the storm. At the dealership they have mostly prepared the motor home for pickup. They give me a walk through and around demonstrating the various components of the motor home. I’ve asked them to fill the fresh water tanks before we leave so that I can begin the sanitation process.

With the tanks filled, tour over and paperwork complete I am now officially the proud owner of a 1997 Class A Coachmen Mirada 300QB. After my father and I wrestle with the seat belt I strap Possum and her car seat into what is now my living room chair. I secure myself into the Captain’s chair of my new spaceship and prepare for blast off. All systems are a go so we pull out into the big wide world with my father following us in my van. Initially I feel somewhat tense. I can now see into the cabs of semi trucks….Semi Trucks!!! After this discovery dissipates and I begin to settle into driving my new Beast Mobile I begin to finally feel a bit of excitement. Things are going well. I can handle this. I don’t know what I was ever worried about. Then…the unthinkable happens!…

(To be continued…) Watch for the continuation later this year.

Until next time, Live Authentic. Live Intentional. Pursue your dream. Live with purpose.

Live Authentic Live Intentional – YouTube

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