Excuses! Why Do We Make Excuses For Not Pursuing Our Dreams?Why do we make excuses for not living our lives authentically and intentionally? It almost always comes down to fear in one form or another. Fear of failure is an obvious reason, but sometimes the reason can be less obvious and it’s that we are afraid of succeeding and heaping more work, responsibility and accountability on ourselves. Fear of embarrassing ourselves is another possibility. Or sometimes it is that we are afraid of shaking things up and having things change. The existence we know is sometimes more acceptable than the fear of the unknown. We are comfortable in our discomfort. Sometimes we are more comfortable in our misery than braving the discomfort of the unknown and uncertainty that comes along with change. Maybe we’re afraid to make a mistake because we’re not confident in ourselves, our abilities or our achievements.

I am on a journey. That journey is my life and I am still growing and evolving. There are things that I still want to do, accomplish, to learn, places that I want to go. There is still another greater version of myself waiting to be discovered. The only way to find her is to keep on challenging myself to grow and evolve and to live my life as authentically and intentionally as I can in a way that will reach the woman that I want to be. That means that I must commit to living with purpose in pursuing my dreams. Time is precious. Each day is another opportunity to take actions towards reaching those goals and dreams. Each time that I make an excuse is another day that another opportunity passes me by leaving me further from my dream and possibly allowing opportunity to slip away all together. Therefore, I must be very intentional and purposeful in both my time and actions. I may try and fail, but if I do I can begin again. I’m not going to let that stop me from doing something that I think may be important. I may succeed and with success there may come more responsibility, more work, more accountability, but I can handle it because my creator has promised me that I have everything within me that I need to lead a successful life and face every challenge presented to me. I may embarrass myself, but only if I choose to perceive it that way. Yes, things may change, but that is what I am in search of. And perhaps along the way I will find more confidence, abilities that I didn’t know that I possess and achieve great things.

I want to live my life authentic to who I am and who I was created to be. I want to live my life intentionally choosing what is important and letting go of that which is not important. Perhaps I can even inspire anyone reading this to live their dream. Don’t keep saying someday, someday I’m going to do that, someday I’ll live that way, someday…Make someday today and start living intentionally with purpose. It only takes one step to begin and another to continue.

Until next time, Live Authentic. Live Intentional. Pursue your dream. Live with purpose.

To watch the video that goes with this blog, click on the following link:

 Excuses! Why Do We Make Excuses for Not Pursuing Our Dreams!

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