It’s Not Too Late

Maybe you have a dream that you’ve been having for awhile and you just haven’t found a way to make it a reality. Maybe the opportunity hasn’t presented itself or the timing or circumstances haven’t been right. Maybe the dream is still just a seed and hasn’t fully come into focus for you yet. Or perhaps you have daydreamed every last detail except how to make it a reality.

I’ve talked about the reasons that we all make excuses for not pursuing our dreams previously both in my YouTube video labeled “Excuses”, as well as here on my blog under the same name. (Same message, different content.) We know that it usually comes down to fear in one form or another at the root. Regardless of the specific reason that has been holding you back, it could be that you are holding the thought somewhere inside of you that it is too late now to pursue that dream. Too much time has passed and now you are too old, too set in your ways, the opportunity has slipped away, maybe your health is failing or you’ve just accepted that this is life as you know it and this is all it will ever be.

I have some encouraging news for you! There is still time! Don’t give up on your dreams. Things have a way of happening at exactly the right time. Maybe you weren’t ready before, but friend I’m here to tell you, “Don’t you dare give up!” Keep that dream alive in your heart. Guard it and nurture it diligently. Here is why…My Aunt wanted to get married her entire life. She dreamed it from the time she was a young girl. Every year our family would make a Christmas list for every member and at the top of my aunt’s list was, “a man.” But year after year there was no man until finally there was. Friends, my aunt was finally married at the age of 53 and she has been married for the past 11 years now! And if that story doesn’t spring hope into your hearts and encourage or inspire you then let me tell you about my grandma. My grandma wanted to write her entire life. Every week she would tell story time to all the children at our church. I loved to visit my grandparents and when I would go to visit my grandma would make up stories on the spot to tell to my brother, cousin and I. Her dream was to get published. Guess what, She finally did at the age of 87! You can find her book featured here on this site. My dream was to live in a motorhome and travel. As I have mentioned in, “My Back Story on Minimalism and Alternative Living” blog I had several false starts to my dream over the last decade or more. I didn’t move into my motorhome until I was 41. Although I have traveled extensively it hasn’t happened in my motorhome yet, but it will. I may be static currently, but this is just a preparation period. Remember, I stated that dreams happen in exactly the right time. My dream may not be fully realized, but it is on it’s way to fully arriving and yours could be too. Two things are necessary to put things into motion. One, you must not give up. Second, you must take steps to begin you down the path to realizing your dreams. It may only be a small thing, but that is all that is necessary. Take one action today and then tomorrow find something else that you can do to work towards that goal.

Until next time, Live Authentic. Live Intentional. Pursue your dream. Live with purpose.


To watch the video that goes with this blog, click on the following link:

MOTIVATIONAL SERIES: It’s Not Too Late – Full Time RV Living




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