Why I Like Living In an RV…- Full Time RV Living

Why I Like Living In an RV…

1. I like that everything that I need in order to live comfortably is built in. My motorhome came with a couch, chair, dinette, bed, cabinets & closets. It even came with a television & VCR, but I removed the television since I don’t watch television very often & I haven’t owned a television in years.
2. They are self contained. I have solar which powers my motorhome for free. I have an onboard propane tank for heating & cooking needs. I can store 95 gallons of water in my onboard water tank & carry another 20 gallons in water storage containers. My toilet never relies on electricity to work. If the power goes out in my area, I can still cook, shower, generate power & use all of my appliances & facilities.
3. My carbon foot print is much smaller living in my motorhome than it was living in a house. I use less utilities. I waste & consume less. Propane is considered a “green fuel” & is extremely efficient. I create & store my own power with my solar panels & batteries.
4. I like the simplicity of it.
5. I can live it in & drive it. Again, simplicity…
6. Because it is mobile if I don’t like where I am at or want to go someplace new I can move it. I love that! I can go anywhere on this continent.
7. Everything is on a smaller more manageable scale. I use to own a big house & wear myself out cleaning & maintaining that house & then when I was finished it was time to start all over again. I was tired all the time. Now I can clean up in 15 minutes or less & still have time for the things I love. Now I don’t expend so much energy cleaning.
8. It’s different than how I grew up or anything that I was exposed to while growing up.
9. I don’t have a mortgage, although I do currently have a payment because I financed my motorhome. However, it is considerably less than a mortgage or rent would be & when I pay it off then it goes away.
10. All my expenses are much lower.
11. Because my expenses are lower it allows me to focus my financial resources elsewhere.
12. It’s cozy. The rain & thunderstorms are more pronounced living an RV. So is the wind. I like when it storms. I also like it when it snows & is really cold outside & the wind is blowing so hard that my motorhome is getting rocked about, but I am all warm & snug inside.
13. It’s mine & the space is all mine to do with what I want.
14. It may be small, but it is my retreat in this world.
15. I can’t overdo anything or own an excessive amount of items because my space is small. It makes me think before I buy something or bring it home. It forces you to keep only what you truly love & need, nothing more.
16. I can take everything I own with me.
17. I can travel in comfort along with my cats. They don’t have to go into cages for long periods of time for travel which isn’t pleasant or healthy for them.
18. I never forget anything because I have it with me.
19. I can bring my house to the grocery store rather than bring my groceries home.
20. Living in an RV is a good conversation starter. It’s interesting & people are curious.
21. It challenges me to be more creative. I have to be creative in decorating & where I store things. The motorhome is a house on wheels so items must be secured for travel. The space is small so finding a spot for larger items can be tricky & requires creative thinking. I also live with four cats as roommates. Pets have certain needs & pet accessories can take up a lot of room. Mouse is a Main Coon & weighs around 25 pounds. He is a husky boy. Imagine the size litter box required for a cat that size along with 3 other cats & then you will begin to understand what I am referring to. Storing food & cat litter alone takes up ample storage. I buy cat litter a 100 pounds at a time sometimes.
22. It exercises my patience which doesn’t always feel good, but is probably good for me. Motorhomes require a lot of work on their own. They weren’t really designed for living in them full time. So when they are lived in full time it puts a lot of wear & tear on them. That means there is always something wearing out or breaking that needs attention, but having time for repairs & the financial resources to make them takes patience.
23. It challenges me to be more resourceful. Some items or repairs are expensive & sadly I am not rich. So I am challenged to be more resourceful in finding ways to buy, create, accomplish or repair.
24. Because it challenges me to be more creative, patient & resourceful I am learning all sorts of new things & growing.

Until next time, Live Authentic. Live Intentional. Pursue your dream. Live with purpose.

To watch the video that goes with this blog, click on the following link:

Why I Like Living in my RV

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