The Challenges of Living In an RV…- Full Time RV Living

  1. It gets cluttered easily. Because the space is small it can look like a train wreck quickly. Even just the simple act of making a meal can easily displace a large percentage of your possessions. Additionally, most RV owners make smart use of every available inch of their space including the shower for storage. Meaning that every time you want to take a shower something gets displaced in order for it to happen.
  2. Most things take longer. Because the space is small & mobile it becomes necessary for everyday items to be secured & stored away. That means it takes longer to gather items that you need for projects & everyday needs. You will also spend a lot of time handling the same items multiple times as you move it from one space to another in order to accomplish your task. It can also mean that you accomplish things at a much slower pace because you are moving about in tight quarters.
  3. Much like owning a house or a vehicle there is always something that needs attention. A motorhome is both a house and a vehicle at the same time so the demand for you attention is doubled.
  4. It can be expensive to move & maintain. Motorhomes weigh a lot on their own. Now consider that my motorhome has a 95 gallon capacity fresh water tank. It also has a 45 gallon black water tank & a 35 gallon grey water tank. With a gallon of fresh water weighing in at just over 8 pounds, there is a potential to carry an additional 1,460 pounds of weight. And that calculation does not take into consideration the weight of poo which I am sure weighs even more!
  5. This brings me to my next challenging point about living in an RV. You have to handle your own poo & pee, unlike in a home where you push a lever and it disappears forever.
  6. Sometimes it can be aggravating getting something out that is stored away especially if that something is stored underneath the motorhome and you have to go outdoors to get it in the rain or snow.
  7. The locks freeze shut & that can be a real inconvenience if you need something in one of those storage compartments under the RV.
  8. It can be difficult finding places to accommodate such a large vehicle.
  9. If you need repairs made it could put you out of your home.

Until next time, Live Authentic. Live Intentional. Pursue your dream. Live with purpose.

To watch the video that goes with this blog, click on the following link:

What I Find Challenging About Living in an RV

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