My Back Story on Minimalism and Alternative Living (Part 2…A More Defined Explanation) – Full Time RV Living

I’ve always been different in that I had my own ideas and how I saw things. I’ve always had the wanderlust. Maybe it’s because my great grandma claimed to be a gypsy or maybe it’s because my grandpa was a truck driver. But whatever caused it, I was bit by it and possess the need to roam.

Society teaches us to live a certain way and that you do things in a certain order. You graduate and then go on to higher education. Once that’s complete you get a job, buy a house and start a family. I didn’t exactly do things in the right order, but I did do what was expected of me by others for the most part, at least for awhile. And for awhile things were “okay.” I was distracted by events. I buried that desire way down deep. I didn’t let it go mind you. I just set it aside and dreamed of a day when I would be free to live the dream. It’s a torturous feeling to feel pulled by two opposite poles. I could hear the siren song of the open road calling to me, but was held in place by love and responsibility. I let life happen to me and I just went along wherever it took me. It never occurred to me until later that I could steer the course of my own life.

It’s hard to pinpoint one exact thing. It was more like a culmination of conditions being exactly right and things coming together. Changes were taking place within me over time. There was a lot of turmoil in my life. Some thrown at me by circumstance…some of it was forces pushing back on me…some of it brought on by myself…but the bottom line was that one day I realized that if something didn’t give something was going to break and it was most likely going to be me. I did something radical. I gave up my entire life as it had been defined up to that point. When I started to make these changes I faced a lot of opposition from others in my life and those around me. They could only see what was happening in the natural and not that which was happening in my spiritual world. They misunderstood and I became very isolated for a period of time. I had radically changed everything about my life, switched careers, ended a marriage and remarried twice more only to divorce twice more, I severed relationships and gave away or donated most of my possessions. I had flown to Turkey several times to meet my third husband. The lifestyle in Turkey only served to feed my minimalism even more. I kept the simplistic way of living, but did not keep the husband.

Sometimes in order to change things you have to let go of the old in order to embrace the new. At one point I was living so extreme in my minimalism that I didn’t even have furniture. When I packed up to leave for Arizona everything I owned fit in a sub compact car. My extreme minimalism followed me to Arizona where I began to get lost again in the expectations of others and began buying furniture and living in the modern world of materialism and consumerism. Shortly after I moved out to Southern Arizona my circumstances changed once again. It looked like I was going to move to northern Arizona roughly 267 miles away and donated all of my items once again and bought a pop-up camper to live in. However, just two weeks before I was supposed to move, my circumstances once again changed. So I got my apartment back and began sleeping on the floor again until I once again slowly began refilling my apartment with material possessions. I held onto the pop-up camper not understanding the significance it would have later in my life.

In December 2015 changes were once again taking place in my life. I had been isolated and alone in Arizona for three years. I had overcome many hurdles and obstacles in that period. I had grown more resourceful, persistent, creative and spiritually connected with my faith and God as a result. I was missing my family and most importantly of all, I now had a granddaughter back in Michigan. It was very important to me that I be a part of her life. I began dismantling the life I had built in Arizona. I traded my pop-up camper for a 5 x 8 covered trailer, loaded up all of my possessions and headed back for Michigan in late February 2016.

Initially I stayed with my daughter upon returning to Michigan while dreaming of turning the trailer into a tiny home. It’s very hard for me to be in someone else’s space. I’ve never had very good experiences renting and I definitely didn’t want to tie myself to a house again, although the lure of doing the familiar and what was expected was strong. I’m very independent. I also have four cats which limits my housing options. I also knew that eventually I needed to go back to Arizona. I finally realized that I kept delaying my dream of living and traveling in a motorhome saying “someday.” Life was passing me by and circumstances were never going to be more right than they were in that moment. One problem, the trailer wasn’t ready to live in and now I couldn’t wait to prepare it and I had no one who was willing to help me because they didn’t support the idea. I overcame the urge to succumb to the familiar and expected. Buying a motorhome was the perfect solution to my dilemma.

I began searching for a motorhome. Initially I was looking for a Class C because a Class A seemed too large, but Class B’s are terribly expensive. I knew exactly what my criteria was because I had been dreaming about this for over a decade. However, I wasn’t finding a Class C that fit my criteria. But I did find a Class A that fit all my criteria by accident and in June 2016 I purchased my current motorhome. I would finally have my own space for myself and the cats. I would no longer continue the cycle of consumerism and then downsizing. My possessions would be limited and defined by the space I live in. Additionally, the motorhome came with it’s own built in furniture. And because it’s on wheels I’m finally able to live my life the way that I have been dreaming of for many years and know that I can easily return to my family when needed. I’m currently in Michigan preparing for my trip back to Arizona. Arizona isn’t the end of the line. Because I now know that there are others out in the world who are just like me. I am not alone. We are like minded individuals who see another way to live. Arizona is only the first stop and then I will seek out my people throughout the country. It’s time I start living my life authentic to who I am and live very intentionally choosing my path and letting go of that which is not authentic to the real me. That is why I chose the name of the channel and my website to be “Live Authentic Live Intentional.” Let me inspire and motivate you to be your authentic self. Let me inspire and motivate you to live intentionally, pursue your dream and live with purpose.

Until next time, Live Authentic. Live Intentional. Pursue your dream. Live with purpose.

To watch the video that goes with this blog, click on the following link:

My Back Story on Minimalism & Alternative Living, A More Defined Explanation

Also, please see my original blog: “My Back Story on Minimalism & Alternative Living.”

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