Gaining New Perspective

Recently I had been working a lot of hours covering shifts while being sick. I just couldn’t seem to shake being sick because I was working so much and not getting a lot of rest and I had no one to cover for me. I was literally working open to close with no break or relief. I worked twenty-eight days with only two days off. It was beginning to take it’s toll on me physically. I had come close to passing out in the salon one day and my vision had even become blurry for a period of time. I was no longer able to spend time with my family and especially my granddaughter whom was the biggest reason for my having moved back to Michigan. Having insufficient time away from work and the lack of time with my family was affecting me emotionally and spiritually. I wasn’t enjoying my work anymore or even enjoying life because my entire existence had come to be centered around work.

Then one morning I had a client who had scheduled a perm two days prior. In the two days since scheduling her appointment her daughter had passed away unexpectedly and this lady still managed to show up for her appointment. When she told me what had happened, I decided right then and there that as bad as my day seemed to me that it was not even close to being as bad as the day she was having. I suddenly had gained a new perspective.

No matter how bad things seem for us or how many problems we might be facing at any given time, there is somebody out there who has it much worse. What I had forgotten was this: That this period in my life was/is temporary. My problems would one day either resolve themselves or dissolve completely. There is always something to be thankful for. Sometimes I still forget the most basic reasons for my living this lifestyle and need a reminder to keep me in check. I’m still conditioned by the life that I once lived to think and act a certain way.

My new perspective: I have a job and it is my choice to work. I may feel compelled to pick up the slack and cover shifts, but ultimately it really is my choice. I could quit. I could find another job. There is always a choice and there are always other options available. Sometimes we have tunnel vision for solving our problems and we miss seeing other solutions available to us. Or perhaps we develop unrealistic expectations of how things should be. However, what is important for me to remember in my situation is that one of the reasons and benefits to living the lifestyle that I have chosen is to simplify my life which allows me more freedom. Living more simply means that my needs are also more simplified. My life doesn’t require the same financial resources that it once did. This means that I can work less if I choose and still live comfortably. Working less means that I have more time available to devote to the things that I find are truly important in my life, one of them being my family.

Despite my client having lost her daughter so suddenly and unexpectedly and despite the loss having been so recent this lady showed amazing strength and resiliency in that she was not defeated by her loss. She got up that morning and got dressed. She showed up for her appointment and she shared with me, a total stranger, memories of her daughter. By doing that she kept her daughter alive in spirit and she celebrated her life, rather than mourning her death. She unknowingly touched me and gave me a whole new perspective while reminding me of some things that I had forgotten. That lady chose to remember happy moments with her daughter in life rather than remembering her in death. She reminded me that I have a choice whether or not to be happy. If she can go through something that difficult and show that kind of strength in choice then surely I can choose to look at things differently and choose to enjoy my life.

Until next time, Live Authentic. Live Intentional. Pursue your dream. Live with purpose.

Live Authentic Live Intentional – YouTube

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