Growing Pains

We all have things that challenge us, things that we need to work on or that we are trying to overcome. Maybe you’ve made mistakes that have left you broken and now you need to be restored. Embracing these opportunities and stretching yourself can enhance the quality of your life and bring purposeful meaning to living it. Emerging awareness of your habits, tendencies, fears, desires and subconscious mind is a fundamental product of self growth. Possessing and further developing self awareness can help you identify and develop additional talents and potential. It can also contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations that may have been hidden deep within you. However, it requires a lifetime commitment to not give up in the face of adversity or opposition from others.

Additionally, self growth can be uncomfortable and downright excruciating at times. If you think about it, the events in your life that have been the most painful, uncomfortable or distressful have probably helped to shape the person that you are today. Although it probably didn’t feel good at the time, you most likely grew from the experience. That is because a certain amount of stress can be good for us and a powerful motivator to look for solutions to change our situation or circumstances. It is because we don’t like being in pain, distressed or uncomfortable that we look for solutions. When I look back over the course of my own life, each of the times that big changes took place there was also self growth that occurred. It wasn’t very comfortable at the time, but it made me stronger, more resourceful, more educated, creative and more resilient. I grew for the better in every way. For it is when we are at our lowest and things are the most difficult that major breakthroughs are most likely to occur.

Until next time, Live Authentic. Live Intentional. Pursue your dream. Live with purpose.

Live Authentic Live Intentional – YouTube

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