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Recently I had come across a product called Reliance Bio-Gel on another YouTuber’s Channel. (Less Junk, More Joy) I had never heard of this product before. However, I became interested and decided to obtain some and try it out. My trial of this product lasted for about a week. The following is my review of the product following this trial. The review is not meant to be a complete overview. It is my opinion only after trying the product. I encourage every individual to complete their own research and perform their own analysis in order to make a decision on what method works in your own situation.

1. Although cheaper to get started, this method will be more expensive over time because you must repeatedly replenish the Bio gel, as well as plastic bags to line the bucket. The Bio Gel is $12.95 for 12 ounces on I used the Bio Gel in a 5 gallon bucket that I purchased from Menard’s with split foam tubing sealed around the edges for comfort. I also purchased scented garbage bags to line the bucket with. All of these purchases combined were roughly $16.00 and some change. The directions state 2 tablespoons will gel approximately 1 gallon of liquids. The average person will urinate 4-7 times per day. It is recommended that a person consume a gallon of fluids per day. If the body absorbs half of that while releasing half then an average person will release approximately one half a gallon of fluids per day. This is an average calculation that does not take into consideration other factors such as certain types of foods which may act as a diuretic, health issues or medications that may affect urination. According to it is normal to have a bowel movement anywhere from three times a day to three times a week. Additionally, consider that although 2 tablespoons will gel up to a gallon of liquids you will most likely not want to leave urine sitting uncovered in your bag lined bucket and that a gallon of liquid in a bag will be heavy and could risk the bag breaking. When considering this information it becomes apparent that an average of 7-10 bags would be required per day. I also did not find that the product worked as well if I tried to use less Bio Gel in my bag. On the other hand, my Camco chemical toilet, model 41535 holds 2.5 gallons. I also ordered this on and it was $71.45 including tax. So as you can see that I spent nearly half the cost of my chemical toilet right up front to get started using this method. Yet my chemical toilet does not require plastic bags to line it. It does however, require chemicals to break down the waste. One gallon of Camco TST Blue Enzyme Toilet chemical is $16.81 at Walmart and I’ve seen it for less. Two ounces is required every time you dump the tank. One gallon will last approximately 32 weeks if dumping the tank twice per week. The cost of using the chemical toilet is significantly lower over time.
2. The second con to this method is that it is not as environmentally friendly. In this method you are putting a chemical into the bucket which gels the waste rather than adding a chemical which breaks the waste down to be sent to a treatment center. Also, you will be lining your bucket with an average of 7-10 bags per day as outlined above. Although human waste can be composted it will not breakdown when trapped inside of plastic bags and plastic bags do not break down well in landfills. Additionally, the chemicals used in a chemical toilet are actually enzymes that facilitate the breakdown of waste material whereas, the Bio Gel does not do that. However, the Bio Gel does make claims to being non-toxic and non hazardous.
3. The third con is that there is a risk of the bags either leaking or breaking. Due to the design of the product the waste will be gelled in this instance, but still I am sure it would be unpleasant if a bag were to break.

1. The waste will be easier to handle in a gel format rather than a liquid. Disposal of a single bag at a time is much easier and lighter than lugging around 2.5 gallons of waste in a chemical toilet tank.
2. Waste can be disposed of in any trash receptacle versus looking for a dump station. I personally prefer dumping in the dump station than disposing of waste in the trash.
3. I can see where having Bio Gel on hand would allow more flexibility in disposal methods. It could also be a good tool to have at your disposal if something were to happen with the toilet in your rig.

I’m now back to using my chemical toilet while awaiting warm weather so that I can return to using the toilet in my RV. In summary of this review my preference is to use the toilet in my RV, dumping the tanks as needed. When I am in a climate where the weather could cause my tanks to freeze, then my second choice is to use my chemical toilet. However, I think the Bio Gel is an invaluable tool to have on hand which allows more flexibility and choices. For me, I think a better use of this product would be to use it alternatively to gel the water I spit into the trash when I brush my teeth while not hooked up to water.

Until next time, Live Authentic. Live Intentional. Pursue your dream. Live with purpose.

To watch the video that goes with this blog, click on the following link:

Bio Gel Review

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