Living Small In Order To Live BIG – Full Time RV Living

I’ve been told that I am living small. I have downsized, simplified and restructured my life over the course of many years. My life is a work in progress and I am constantly redefining my limits and my perspective. My chosen lifestyle has taught me a lot about what I was previously conditioned to think and what I have learned for myself through experience. For many years I’ve lived on and off without furniture. I don’t own a television and I most recently learned that I don’t even need a shower, sink or toilet. (See my recent article, “What I Have Discovered I Do & Don’t Need Living A Full Time RV Lifestyle”) Additionally, I’ve learned to stretch my thinking to allow for possibilities that I previously didn’t think were possible. (See my recent article, “You Can’t Live In an RV!”)

I think it is a misnomer to say I am living small. A more accurate assessment would be to say that I am living simply. I have dedicated a lot of time to simplifying every aspect of my life and continue to work towards simplifying further. The reason for this effort is so that I can focus on the things that are truly important to me and let go of that which is not important or does not add value in my life. I’m not alone in this endeavor either. The Kon Mari method is a huge movement right now that has to do with going through every item in your household and making a decision as to whether or not it sparks joy in you. If not, then this method suggests get rid of it. My own transformation took place many years before the Kon Mari method came into existence, but the idea is the very same as the ideas that motivated me to begin simplifying everything in my life, including switching my career, changing my lifestyle, my actions and my thought processes. If something doesn’t spark joy in us why hold unto it? This question may make some individuals uncomfortable because letting go of things we have held unto for a long time or that we have an emotional attachment to can be difficult. However, the question has validity. Push yourself for a moment to consider whether for you less is more or more is more? We are all unique and whether we own a little or a lot really isn’t the point. The point is to own what you love. I want to own my space and my freedom.

I choose to live “small” in order to live LARGER. For everything that I give away or get rid of, I gain something and that something is space and my freedom. When I release something from my possession I am letting go of the responsibility and care of that item. I am freeing myself to invite other things into my life. Things that are more important, rewarding and beneficial. By not owning a brick and mortar house or real estate, I am not tied to a specific location. I can live anywhere. If I don’t like my neighbors or surroundings I can leave that day. I also don’t want to work my entire life for a few weeks of vacation every year. Everyday can be a vacation and an adventure. So go on and tell me that I am living small. I disagree. I’m living small in order to live BIG and free!

Until next time, Live Authentic. Live Intentional. Pursue your dream. Live with purpose.

Live Authentic Live Intentional – YouTube

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