The Hand of God

For every solution there was a problem that came before it. Everyone has problems, but not everyone has solutions. Although for every problem there does exist a solution. The solution may elude us because we are too close to the problem. Perhaps we lack additional necessary knowledge in order to solve it. Or perhaps we are limited by our circumstances or our resources. Whatever the reason or circumstance we do not need to worry and be afraid with God as our provider.

When I was living in Southern Arizona the air conditioning in my apartment was not working. It was June and anyone who has ever been to Southern Arizona knows how intolerably hot it can be at that time of year. It is not unheard of for temperatures to reach upwards of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m a Michigan girl born and bred so my blood runs thick. I had reported the problem to the site manager, but I was getting the run around on getting the problem fixed. This drug on for several weeks. The temperature in my apartment had reached over 100 degrees. I would go to work in the salon where the temperature was set at 68 degrees and then come home to over a 100 degree temperatures. This extreme fluctuation in temperatures is unhealthy and can cause serious health consequences. It was beginning to have some adverse effects on my health. Additionally, I have pets that were forced to remain in the apartment all day with no air conditioning. There were no screens installed on the windows so I couldn’t even open a window for ventilation. The best I could do was put the sun shade for my car in a window and pull the blackout curtains to block as much of the light as possible. When I would get home I would soak a beach towel in water and lie down in front of the fan with the towel over me to try to bring my body temperature down.

After a couple weeks of this and getting nowhere arguing with the site manager even after threatening to put my rent into an escrow account, I went looking for the maintenance man myself. His name is Dan and he is a very nice man. However, heating and cooling fell outside of both his expertise and defined duties. When I explained to him what the problem was he brought a friend of his who does that type of work over to my apartment. He climbed up on the roof and determined what the problem was. He said he could fix it that night if the site manager would approve the repair. I was overjoyed, but just one problem. She wouldn’t approve the repair. It turns out she liked to issue jobs to her friends and so there was no way she was going to let this guy snatch up that job. I was furious, not to mention suffering from heat sickness.

I won’t draw the story out by going into all of the legalities of the circumstances with how the site manager chose to handle that situation. Suffice it to say that working air conditioning is considered a necessity by the state in Arizona. But that isn’t why I am telling this story. The reason is this… despite all of the circumstances working against me, there was a solution available.

I wanted to buy a window unit to cool one room of my apartment down until I could pin the site manager down on getting the repairs made to my central air unit. But I didn’t have enough money to buy a brand new unit. I only had $75.00 at the time and I wasn’t going to make it until payday in those temperatures. Dan, that nice maintenance guy I mentioned, he had another friend over at the bail bonds office who had purchased a brand new air conditioning unit a year or so before for his father, but his father never ended up using it. It was still sitting in the box unopened. Dan made a call and explained my situation and his friend said come on over and I could have it for $75.00. Dan stayed up until well past midnight cutting a board to cover the window and installing that window unit in my apartment.

Now that story may not sound like much to the unbeliever, but I am a believer and let me tell you what I know. That was the hand of God! The extreme temperatures were against me. The site manager was against me. The circumstances were against me. I lacked the financial resources to fix that problem on my own. Yet God provided a solution and he provided it before I even had the problem! Remember that that air conditioning unit had been purchased sometime the previous year and just sitting around in a box unopened. I don’t think I was even living in Arizona yet when it was purchased! Some will say that was just a purchase made by mistake or just coincidence that it wasn’t needed after it was purchased. Well, I know that God wastes nothing. I believe God influenced that purchase knowing that I would need that air conditioning unit later and he lined up the right people to lead me to it and to help me. I believe he influenced that friend of Dan’s to offer to sell it to me for exactly what I had. Dan would have been within his rights to walk away. The site manager wasn’t authorizing a repair to the central air unit in my apartment and he certainly wasn’t getting paid to install a window unit in my apartment into the wee hours of the night. I owned that air conditioning unit for another two years after that event and found that I needed it and it saved me on more than one occasion. When I left Arizona I donated that air conditioning unit to a local church in the hopes that God would use it for someone else in need.

The moral of the story is this…One touch from the hand of God is all you need to overcome an adverse situation or circumstance that you may not be able to overcome on your own. God has already lined up solutions to problems that we haven’t even had yet, even if you can’t see the solutions yet. That is how I know that I can live unburdened by problems. I don’t have to struggle and worry. God doesn’t want that for us. Sometimes I will still wrestle with my emotions and the fear will slip in, but then I remind myself…remember when…

Until next time, Live Authentic. Live Intentional. Pursue your dream. Live with purpose.

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  1. Serena, we met today at the laundry in Ionia. I will briefly share my story of faith. 4 years ago I was terminally ill. Left with no other options I was told to pray so, I did. I learned some “structured” prayers and spent allota time (still do) in prayer and meditation. It took about 5 months to notice things were changing about 8 months to realize the presence and comfort of God. There’s many details I can’t get into in this short space but, today 44 months later, I am free and relatively well now. I keep God close I pray and meditate always and sometimes constantly. I hope we meet again down the road somewhere. Joe

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