Intentional Faith

Faith is often treated as something to believe in without proof. Yet, there is proof that God exists and it is all around us. It is in everything about our world and all of the universes and even the design of our own bodies. Think about it…the world did not just randomly happen. It was created. Now, I know there is a lot of debate on this subject, but bear with me and just consider that there are forces in place that had to have been designed for specific purposes. There is gravity to hold us down on the earth, but just the right amount to keep from crushing us. There is centrifugal force to pull us back and keep us from flying off into outer space, but just the right amount so that we stay in place. Also, consider the designs of our bodies and their abilities to carry us through the day…That all sounds to me like the work of a thoughtful and considerate creator.

Having faith in someone is about having a relationship and building trust and loyalty over time through proven actions. Our individual relationship with God is a lifelong relationship built on loyalty and trust much like a marriage is. It requires an active and intentional commitment to believing in someone greater than ourselves and placing our trust in him. In fact, there is scriptural evidence that God gave us marriage to teach us about our relationship with him…building a loyal partnership (a covenant), fostering spiritual intimacy, and to develop higher values and the ability to pursue God with someone. Marriage can teach us these properties, as well as about God’s mercy and grace when we learn to forgive one another. Marriage can also teach us by illuminating the struggles that drive us apart which enlighten us to what we value in marriage. Marriage is ordained by God and part of his design for us. Again, that sounds like the work of a thoughtful and considerate creator to me.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been married four times. Although my previous marriages did not demonstrate mercy, grace or forgiveness, they have taught me valuable lessons about myself and my relationship with God. They have taught me that I have idealized marriage and looked for a connection with someone that would make me feel complete…a soul mate. I was looking to depend and rely on another individual and be able to have faith and put my trust in them. My marriages could never measure up because 1.) Rather than choosing a mate intentionally and based on solid values, I was allowing life and circumstances to choose for me based on random chance. 2.) My partners did not possess the same beliefs as me causing my marriages to previously lack an essential component to endure and thrive. This has also resulted in my at times being further removed from my relationship with God and did not allow a solid foundation to build my marriages upon. God wants us to have faith and put trust in him; not another individual. If we look to others to always provide for us what we need then we will be disappointed time and again. It is not possible for another human being to provide 100% of our needs all of the time and we shouldn’t expect them to. A marriage where both partners possess a belief and faith in God allows both partners to move closer in their relationship with God which simultaneously brings both partners closer together.

If we are paying attention to what God does and is for us and how he works in our lives then we should have the ultimate faith, loyalty, confidence and trust in him…because he always goes first in the giving and the sacrifice, he thoughtfully and intentionally designed and gifted our bodies, the world, and all of the universes for our benefit and enjoyment. He designed marriage to give us companionship and teach us about faith and trust. He sacrificed his only son so that we could have everlasting life if we so choose and he pursues us even when we don’t pursue him. He supplies all of our needs and solves all of our problems. He has a proven track record of loyalty to us on which we should base our faith in him.

Until next time, Live Authentic. Live Intentional. Pursue your dream. Live with purpose.

Live Authentic Live Intentional

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