Hello, My name is Serena. I am a solo independent female living an alternative lifestyle in my motorhome full time along with my fur babies, Copper, Butter, Mouse & Chewie. My goal is to live my life as intentionally & authentically with purpose taking steps each day to live out my dream. This site will cover my daily life & what motivates and inspires me which I hope will in turn inspire & motivate you to live out your dream and to live with purpose & intention. I will show you projects & upgrades I make to my home & life along the way & teach you how to do the same. If you would like to be a part of this journey with me then please checkout my videos on YouTube & subscribe. Also, don’t forget to continue following me here for additional content that will only be featured here on Live Authentic Live Intentional. And as always live your lives authentically & intentionally. Pursue your dreams & live your lives with purpose!